The Marilyn Monroe Slot Game Review

Marilyn Monroe has among the most recognisable faces in the entertainment industry, although it is perhaps not her acting that people remember most, but her ability to have her skirt blown up by a vent. Regardless, she is a much loved celebrity icon, and has been immortalised in a number of films, artworks, and now a slot game.

The Marilyn Monroe mobile pokies, created by Playtech and released in 2012, is nothing if not a homage to this vibrant, charming actress, prominently featuring her face in a number of the symbol designs. The graphics of the game are high resolution and rich, giving life to the proceedings, while a relaxing interactive soundtrack marks each spin of the reels with a cigar lounge ambience. In terms of game play the developers have gone all out, offering not only an autoplay feature, and betmax option, but also providing the ability to manually adjust play lines, which always adds a deeper level of strategy. The game is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Symbol Designs In Detail

The face of Marilyn Monroe has been featured as prominently as possible, as would be expected, and no less than four symbols showing her smiling image. These include the most valuable symbol in the game, which features Marilyn in a white dress, as well as the second and third most valuable symbols, which show her in a red dress, and on the cover of glossy magazines.

These symbols, of course, payout an exceptional amount if matched with themselves the maximum of five times. The remaining online australian pokies symbols are the traditional nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, which are disappointingly not especially well stylised to suit the theme. In order to really rake in the money, the player must turn their attention to the multiple bonus symbols.

Big Bonuses

The wild symbol is, of course, a close up of Marilyn sporting her most glamorous smile. The symbol acts not only as a wild, able to match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence, but is also the most valuable symbol in the game. If matching the wild symbol the maximum of five times an enormous once of payout will be made, large enough to make anyone a Marilyn Monroe fan. The scatter symbol, however, is where the life changing money can be found.

If matching the scatter symbol a total of five times, forty five free spins will be instantly granted. This in itself would be a generous bonus, but the game has gone one step further and included a times ten multiplier. This means that any wins achieved during the forty five free spins will be multiplied a total of ten times. Needless to say that if the wild symbol is matched five times during the free spins, the player will likely be dancing for joy until the early hours of the morning. One last bonus feature to keep in mind is the stacked wild symbols, which occur randomly throughout the course of the game. This involves an entire row becoming wild symbols, which greatly improves the chances of winning sequences being created.