Analysis of Blackjack Single Deck Game for Players

Real Money Blackjack is one of the all time favourites of casino game players, being one of the most popular card games in the entire world. Blackjack comes in many shapes and sizes, and with different rules in different casinos. One of the ways that Blackjack can be played is with the use of only one deck as opposed to the multiple deck games that most modern casinos offer.

Blackjack Single Deck History

Blackjack single deck does not have different rules or traditions, apart from the use of only one deck. Using a single deck to play the game was first experimented during the 70s and 80s, and quickly became a popular way of playing the game. This was because using one deck gave players a distinct advantage over the house, as it made card counting much easier. Many players were able to win against the house on multiple occasions, until eventually casinos changed their rules and made it mandatory for Blackjack to have more than one deck. It is still possible to find games of Blackjack single deck throughout casinos, however.

Furthermore, special sorting shoes were introduced into casinos that were used to shuffle the decks in such a way that players were completely unable to count the cards while they are being shuffled.

In modern times, playing Blackjack single deck is often sought after by players, as many believe it’s a much easier form of Blackjack, with much better odds for the player. This is not true, however, as casinos have altered the rules of the game to ensure the odds are in favour of the house.

The Advantages of Blackjack Single Deck

Playing Blackjack single deck has a number of advantages for the players. The first and foremost is the fact that players get the absolute lowest house edge on any game thanks to the limited number of cards available. The odds can almost be as high as 50/50 against the house, but players must always remember that these odds are only maintainable with the employment of a solid strategy.

Another advantage is the speed at which the game progresses. The single deck means there is less to shuffle, and this comes as a huge relief to card dealers, as it means going from dealing up to 8 decks in regular Blackjack to only one deck in a game of Blackjack single deck. For those looking for a fast paced card game where they can make many bets as quickly as they can, this might be the perfect game.

The Disadvantages

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest disadvantages of playing Blackjack single deck is the rules that the casinos have put in place to ensure the odds are always for the house. This can often cause the house edge to be higher than what players would normally find in Blackjack that uses 6 or 8 decks.

Blackjack Single Deck Conclusion

Blackjack played with a single deck can be a fun and entertaining way of playing the game, but is suggested that players rather play it privately, and avoid casinos offering single deck Blackjack.