Check out the Tips for Playing Video Poker

It is no secret that every casino game has a certain percentage of the house edge. Somewhere, it is higher, while somewhere it is surprisingly low and allows the player a bigger chance to win. One of the few things a lot of players this regard is the fact that the house edge can actually be decreased in some games, therefore allowing you to win more frequently or at least, lose less often. One of the games that is subjected to this rule is video poker. Video poker is just like the regular kind, except there are no other players and no dealer. It all comes down to you and the machine, or software.

The Possibilities are Endless

Video poker is based on a 52 deck card, which means that there are approximately 2,598,960 different hand combinations that might come up. From this, you could tell that there is absolutely no way to predict which of the countless combinations are going to be dealt to you. It would approximately take you 100 hours of play to go through each of these combinations, so it is safe to say that you would have to be playing for a very long time, in order to go through all of the different possibilities. Before you start playing video poker for real money, you are warmly recommended to get yourself familiar with the rules.

Aces don’t Mean Anything

As opposed to other kinds of poker you can play on internet today, video poker has one distinctive rule that you need to remember. It is basic, and you should try and get used to it, especially if you were playing other poker games for a long time. Since you won’t be competing with any other players, video poker doesn’t value the Ace at all as many will tell you. Be sure to throw that card away if you have a better combo on your hands, because it doesn’t really mean that much in video poker. You should also be very familiar with the rules, as well as which set of cards pays off more.

Don’t Break the Flush Every Time

A common practice that should be avoided among video poker players, is breaking a flush, in order to try and get the straight flush which pays off more. You should know that a flush is very easy to get and it is considered to be one of the most desirable hands in the game, while the straight flush is much harder to get and you would risk of breaking up your current combo, only to not be sure whether or not you will be able to get the straight flush in the end. Royal flush is slightly easier to get, so the only time you should break from the straight flush is when you think you can assemble a royal flush and get a much bigger payout. Be careful about when you choose to do this, because in regards of which hand is the most common, the flush comes in first, followed by Royal flush and then the straight flush. Be very careful about when you choose to break up a sure thing.