Magical Tales of Lottery Wins

There are some horror stories of lottery winners, from those who went bankrupt after winning massive amounts of money, to others who became estranged from their families due to fights over their fortune. But there are also plenty of feel good stories too, and these winners have done some rather amazing things with their lotto spoils.

Paying it Forward

One of the most heart-warming stories of lottery winners is that of Violet and Allen large. This Canadian couple made headlines the world over when they won a whopping $11.2 million in the weekly lottery, and promptly gave most of it away. The couple was in their 70’s when they won and said that they wanted to give their money to those who could better make use of it After setting up their families and loved ones in homes and with substantial cash gifts, they donated the rest to charitable organizations and hospitals in their area.

For the Kids

When schoolteacher Les Robins won $111 million in 1993 he knew exactly what he’d do with his winnings. A large portion of his win went on setting up a day camp for underprivileged children and today, Camp Winnegator is still giving pleasure to many who otherwise would never have experienced anything like it.

A Sweet Trust

One of the best stories of lottery winners has to be that of 81 year old Louise White who won around $210 million playing Powerball in 2012. White didn’t tell anyone her exact lotto plans like many punters of online sports betting, but she indicated that after making her family very happy, she’d hand the rest of her prize over to a trust to be administered to those in need. She hired legal help and set up a trust that she named after the sherbet she had bought when she purchased her winning ticket, making the trust a sweet memory for everyone who benefits from it to enjoy online bingo bonuses in Australia.

Enriching the Future

In 2011, a couple in a small Washington town won half the $380 million prize pot in the Mega Millions Lottery. Jim and Carolyn McCullar also took home the record for being part of the second biggest US jackpot at that time and surprisingly, decided not to spend much of their winnings. Instead, the have set up a trust for future generations of their family so that they can all enjoy a successful future, without monetary concerns.

Giving it Away

Although Jim Dancy didn’t break any lotto records, he warmed plenty of hearts when he won $10,000 in the Michigan Lottery Club Keno game. He chose instead to donate all his winnings to the Greater Kalamzoo United Way, and walked away not only empty handed, but slightly out of pocket for the games he had played!

Helping the Community

Scottish couple Christine and Colin Weir won around $250 million in 2011, and although these two are quiet famous for splurging on themselves, they have also donated plenty of cash to those in need. From buying a house for their teen mother neighbour to helping a little girl who has cerebral palsy, this couple makes stories of lottery winners that little more positive and uplifting, proving once and for all that winning millions doesn’t have to be a bad thing!