NetEnt’s Marbles Scratch Card Reviewed Online

Online scratch cards are a relatively recent addition to the online gambling scene, but the transfer to the online version of this instant lottery game was a logical one. Scratch cards offer the neatest and quickest form of gambling online, and certainly offer some great prizes. All the colourful displays that are associated with online casino games are also present in the new ranges of scratch card games.

NetEnt has produced a range of scratch card games, among all the other casino games the company produces,  which are original as well as offering high chances of good wins. The scratch cards are all based on a higher than usual return to player percentage. Several of the scratch card games offer extra chances for wins, like bonuses or special features, or in one case even a progressive jackpot.

No Rules to Learn

A Scratch card is a simple online casino game, with no complicated rules or difficult strategies to learn. The simplicity, and the chance of big instant wins, are the big part of the appeal of these games at an online casino. The essence of a good scratch card game is the ease of game play, lots of fun, and the possibility of good instant wins. Marbles by NetEnt, fulfils all these criteria.

A Set of Magic Golden Marbles

The Marbles scratch card is not like any other scratch card. The game play is lots of fun, and is all about a set of golden magic marbles that will give you a great profit.

Instead of the usual nine boxes that you can scratch open, there are eight marbles. You can click on six of these eight marbles. When you find three golden marbles you will win a prize, but if you happen to find a black marble you will win nothing.

A Choice of Six Marbles

You begin the Marbles scratch card game by clicking on the button Buy Game with the pointer in the same way players click on Start button to play pokies at available sites. You will open a menu, which gives you a choice of several coloured pointers. You choose the pointer you want, and then click on the six marbles you want with the pointer. You can use the Auto Pick if you wish, and this will select the six marbles for you automatically. On the left of the screen the number of golden marbles will be lit up. When you have won three golden marbles you can find the amount of your win by clicking the button Potential Win on the left of the screen. The amount you have won will be added to your balance.

Marbles scratch card has a great main payout of up to 50,000 Euros. There is a Pay Table button that you can click on to open the pay table, and find more information about all the payouts offered in Marbles.

The Marbles scratch card has also a number of different settings you can use to adjust the game. The middle of the bottom of the screen you will see a question mark, and this clicking on this will allow you the choice of two options. These are Game Rules, which will give you any information you want about Marbles scratch card, and Game History.  Game History will display all your previous wins and profits made in previous rounds. The speaker icon allows you to turn the sound on or off.