Three Tips To Boost Your Online Bingo Winning Shot Overnight

Looking for the best online bingo game? If options look limited in real life, the Internet provides access to dozens (if not even hundreds) of bingo games and portals for enthusiasts. Researching your options is highly recommended if you truly want to make a wise choice. Otherwise, there is a fairly big risk to win and never get your money, not to mention chasing losses (one of the biggest mistakes among newbies). While bingo is about having fun and joining a community of enthusiasts, the truth is that a few simple ideas can make this venture even more exciting.

You probably ask yourself how. After all, bingo is a game of luck. You cannot control balls and numbers. However, you can control yourself. There is no skill factor against the other players, like in poker. You can still work on your chances though, yet you have to pick the right rooms and buy cards with your brains and not with your potential earnings in mind. So, what is the best way to win at bingo more often at Canadian mobile casinos?

Simple tips to boost your bingo winning chances

Most people believe that the more cards they play, the bigger their chances are. This is not necessarily correct. Logically, it seems to. Specialists recommend buying the maximum amount of cards. It does not mean that you have to buy 100 cards. Instead, they refer to the maximum amount of cards that you can keep track of. Of course, many online bingo rooms run some calculators that identify winners right away, without the players to do anything at all. It is still worth keeping an eye on your stuff though.

On a different note, more winning chances imply more cards or more playing time. How do you do that if your budget is limited? Assuming that you have already set a daily budget, you should focus on gaining as much as possible from it. Therefore, buy cards in discount packages if you can find such deals. Ask for quantity discounts and take advantage of them. You will save money on the moment, but also in the long run. In an ideal case, you should be able to use these bulk cards at future games too.

Another good idea implies playing in games or rooms with few competitors. You do not have to be a genius to realize that the fewer competitors you play against, the easier it becomes to hit the big prize and win a line or perhaps the whole card. Analyze more websites before signing up for one. Check their rooms and figure which ones have less competitors. Moreover, check the respective rooms at different times. Are they more crowded in the evening? Are they empty in the morning? How about an early afternoon?


In the end, these small details will not necessarily influence your luck, but they can increase your winning odds. It might be wise to check some free online bingo games before joining the big league, only to figure a few extra techniques.

The Detailed Guide to Enjoying Sharky Online Slot

Sharky is a pirate-themed online slot game created by renowned online casino software developer Novomatic. The slot contains 5 reels and up to 9 paylines, and revolves around a fun nautical theme centred on a sea-sailing pirate, sunken treasures and a nefarious shark that lurks in the deep.

The main bonus feature in the Sharky online slot is its free spins feature, which is triggered by two separate scatter symbols. The game also includes wild symbols, a gamble feature and an interactive bonus game which forms part of the free spins round.

Sharky Themes and Graphics

The nautical theme of the Sharky online slot is evident in its design, and the reels of the game spin against a deep blue backdrop reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. Above the reels lurks a Great White shark, illuminated by watery sunlight filtering through the waves at the top left-hand side of the screen. The reels of Sharky are simple and solid white in colour, which draws attention to the colourful reel symbols featured on them. These reel symbols are an assortment of pirate-themed graphics, which have been displayed in an animated style. A light-hearted soundtrack accompanies the game play.

Reel Symbols

On the reels of Sharky is a selection of theme-related symbols. These symbols include graphics of a wooden treasure chest, a blue and yellow parrot, a pair of cutlasses, a pirate ship against a backdrop of blue skies and seas, a compass, an island and a pirate. Also featured on the reels are the playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, displayed in a brightly coloured font.

Wild Symbol

The bearded pirate serves as the Sharky online slot’s wild symbol, appearing to substitute other symbols and complete winning combinations. The only symbols that the pirate wild cannot substitute in the game are the 3 scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbols

Sharky contains 3 different scatter symbols; a compass, a pirate ship and an island. A combination of these scatter symbols will trigger the main feature, with a pirate ship needed on reel 1 and an island needed on reel 5 to activate the free spins game.

Free Spins Feature and Bonus Game

Once the free spins feature has been triggered, players will be awarded a standard 10 free spins with which to play. An interactive bonus game like in the scene of casino bonuses United Kingdom also comes into play during this round. Every time another pirate ship scatter symbol lands on reel 1, the game’s main pirate protagonist will be lowered into the ocean and will begin to row a boat across the screen.

This pirate acts as a wild symbol during the feature, and will move 1 reel to the right after every spin unless he is attacked by the Sharky. If a treasure chest symbol lands on or next to the pirate in any direction, he will be able to swim to the chest and claim the cash prize within it. The feature can also be retriggered by simultaneously landing a pirate ship on reel one and another island symbol on reel 5.

Sharky Gamble Feature

The Sharky online slot by Novomatic also offers a gamble feature. In this feature, online slots players can choose to wager the amount of their most recent win in an attempt to double or quadruple it. Correctly guessing the colour of a hidden playing card will double players’ bets, and picking the correct suit of the card will award them 4x their stakes.