The Races Going Down at the Park

Wentworth Park is a multi purpose sporting complex in the suburb of Glebe, in New south Wales Australia The complex has a rugby field, a motor sport track and a greyhound track.  The dog track is 446 meters long and 6m wide. The loam surface allows racing in most weathers. One of the main tracks in New South Wales, Wentworth Park boasts a two level grandstand from which spectators can see the entire track.

Racing At Wentworth Park

Metropolitan racing occurs every Wednesday and Saturday throughout the entire year. The main event held at Wentworth Park is the Group one race the Golden Easter egg. This is of course held on Easter Sunday, as being a group one race attracts interstate dogs. The main group one race is held at the end of the Golden Easter Egg carnival, which takes place over a number of weekends.  Dogs compete in heats getting knocked out as the carnival progresses. The final eight dogs get to take part in the Golden Easter Egg Cup, which can them propel them onto more races nationally. The Golden Easter Egg has a purse of around $1 000 000, $250 000 goes to the winner, making it one the richest greyhound carnivals in Australia.

Betting On the Golden Easter Egg

The Golden Easter egg Cup, being a group one race, is widely covered by Australian online betting sites. Of course you may not be able to find the race on international sites, but most people around the world can join a site which will host wagers on the race. Finding a site with which to place a bet can be done online, using either a computer such as a lap top or desktop, or even a mobile device. Mobile devices are more popular these days as one can be pretty much anywhere as long as there is good internet connection to place a bet at mobile betting sites.

The actual Wentworth Park track will also host bookies on the race day. The track has a separate wagering area, so that bets can be placed away from the family area. Other amenities during the race include a number of bars, a restaurant and family entertainment.

Wentworth Park Dogs

The dogs that race at Wentworth Park are usually locally trained and run, except for during the big races such as the Golden Easter egg. Local dogs can be kennelled at the track as well, with trials for unknown dogs happening on weekdays.

Knowing your dogs is a very good start to placing a successful wager. Dogs have pedigrees and certain peak ages just like horses do, and like horses can be affected by track conditions, injury and illness. A full history of each dog should be sought before placing a wager at racing betting sites. These can be found online as well as at the actual track itself from a number of people who are in the industry. When taking anyone’s advice into account, be sure to do some research yourself to ensure that it is, in fact, sound.

Greyhound’s peak at a certain age, male dogs at about two and females at about three. Heavier dogs do better in wet conditions than lighter dogs, and dogs that lump to the front of the pack may run into trouble on the first turn. All of these things need to be researched and looked into before placing any wagers.