All This And Rabbit Stew

All This And Rabbit Stew is an animated short produced in Technicolor and released on the 20th of September 1941. The cartoon was released by Warner Brothers and Vitaphone, produced by Leon Shlesinger, and directed by the iconic Tex Avery. The cartoon is often considered to be one of the earliest versions of the modern day Bugs Bunny, with many of its themes and aesthetics used in most present-day Bugs Bunny animations.

This particular episode underwent major controversies, as the one character depicted in the animation is considered racial stereotyping, and therefore All This And Rabbit Stew is one of the eleven famously banned Warner Bros. cartoons. All This And Rabbit Stew entered the public domain in 1968, and can still be viewed today through low-rent VHS tapes, as well as on the Internet. All the copies found today are the negatives of the original cartoon, as the original is not accessible. All modern renditions of the animation are therefore low quality.

All This And Rabbit Stew Synopsis

The animation starts off with an African America hunter walking over toward a rabbit hole, while the rabbit can be seen eating a carrot. The hunter then leads Bugs to a tree, where the rabbit tricks the hunter into accidentally destroying the tree. Bugs then steals the hunters gun after introducing himself, and quickly disappears underground, while the hunter stands confused. The hunter then pulls out a toilet plunger and begins plunging the rabbit hole, only to pull out a skunk. Next, Bugs manages to lure the hunter into a nearby cave, where they find a black bear. The three of them then run and jump into one of Bugs’ rabbit holes, after which the hunter and Bugs quickly evacuate when they learn the bear is with them.

The hunter then uses his gun to shoot a load of bullets toward Bugs online blackjack real money, and the bullets chase after him as he runs away, and he ultimately manages to avoid all the bullets. Bugs then lures the hunter to the end of a fallen tree, and the hunter realises he is on the edge of a cliff. The hunter desperately tries to get back on to solid land, but Bugs continuously moves the tree around, making the hunter run the wrong way, until he eventually falls off. The hunter, now angry, comes after Bugs, and the rabbit pleads for his life, offering to wager for his life over a game of strip dice. Bugs wins the game, and takes all the hunter’s clothing, while the hunter is left with nothing but a small leaf as a covering. This can be compared to what online roulette table layouts have to offer. The screen fades out as Bugs grabs the leaf away from the hunter.

All This And Rabbit Stew Controversy

All This And Rabbit Stew is one of eleven cartoons that have been officially banned by various television networks over the last few decades. The cartoons are considered extremely racist, as they depict their antagonists as stupid, and often with over exaggerated physical features.

All This And Rabbit Stew

While there are many controversies that surround the animation, All This And Rabbit Stew can still be considered a piece of animation history.