Blackjack is the World Favourite Casino Game

Online Blackjack Canada, a casino game also known as 21, is probably the most well-known gambling game in the world, remaining a firm favourite with players since its introduction many years ago. The game has the player pitted against the dealer, rather than having to face down fellow players, and it is played with one or more decks comprised of 52 cards each.

The Object of the Game

Players secure a win when playing blackjack by doing one of the following things:

  1. Making up the total of 21 points with his or her first two cards, a process which is known as a natural or a blackjack, without the dealer managing to do so.
  2. Reaching a total score higher than that of the dealer without that total exceeding 21 points.
  3. Allowing the dealer to keep drawing additional cards until his or her hand total exceeds 21 points.

How the Play for Blackjack Unfolds

The blackjack player or players are each dealt a two-card hand, and the total value of these cards is then added together. The face cards like kings; queens and jacks each count for ten points; the aces as either one or 11 points each; and all the other cards are valued at the numerical total of the card: the nines are nine points each; the fives are five points each, and so on at

After the first two cards have been handed out, players can choose to hit, or take an additional card, or stand, which means that no extra cards will be handed to him or her. In any given round, the player or dealer wins by getting a score of 21, or by getting a total closer to 21 than his or her opponent, without exceeding this amount, or going bust, as it is also known.

If a player holds an ace card that he or she has valued at 11 points the hand is deemed a soft one, which means that the player cannot go bust by taking an extra card, since the value of any of the other cards will always be equal to or less than 21 when they are added to the 11-point ace. All other hands are known as hard hands.

Rules Pertaining to the Blackjack Dealer

The blackjack dealer will have to hit until his or her hand totals at least 17 points, and at some tables the dealer will also be required to hit on a soft 17, this being a hand which holds an ace and one or more other cards equal to six points. Players will win by not going bust and securing a total higher than that that of the dealer. The dealer loses by going bust or having a hand that has fewer points than the player who has not gone bust. If the player and dealer end up with the same total for their hands this is called a push, and the player will typically neither win nor lose any money when this occurs.