Double Joker Poker

The majority of online video poker games are based on the five-card draw version of the game, and Double Joker Poker is no exception. The versions of this game created by some of the casino software world’s leading developers use decks of 54 cards, and are as easy to play as slot machines.

The two Jokers are wild, which means they can help form winning combinations. To offset the players’ advantage just a bit, these games feature pay tables that are slightly different to those found in most other versions and variations of poker.

Basics of Double Joker Poker

As Double Joker Poker is a variation of the five-card draw game also known as Jacks or Better, players can expect a couple differences between the two.

This game usually features an odds advantage of a set number of coins. Players cannot play with fewer coins. The biggest difference between the two is that this game only pays out on Kings or better.

Double Joker Poker Gameplay

The first thing players need to do when playing Double Joker Poker is to place their bets using the Bet button. Thereafter, they need to select the Deal or Draw button to receive five cards.

Using slot machine-style controls, players then need to keep or discard cards in an attempt to build the best possible hand for the win.

That the Jokers are wild means that they can help build winning hands by substituting for other cards. While this can bring sizeable payouts, the game’s top payout is usually for a Royal Flush in which Jokers have not substituted for any cards; something known as a Natural Royal Flush.

Double Up Feature for Wins

Online Double Joker Poker gives players who have built winning hands the chance to double their wins. This is done by selected the Double button after a win.

This feature sees players dealt four cards, one of which is face-up. Players then need to select one of the three face-down cards, and if its value is greater than that of the face-up card, their winnings will be doubled.

Multiple Hand Versions

Some versions of online Double Joker Poker let players play multiple hands. The most common allows for four consecutive hands to be played.

Players usually place the bet for all four hands at the beginning of the game. This bet will be lost if the first game of the four is lost.

If the first game is won, players will receive a payout before proceeding to the second game. If the second game is lost, players have the option to collect those winnings or to try double them.

If the second game is won, the payout as listed for that combination in the pay table could be doubled. Some versions of this game include a special feature that, if it appears during play, allows players to proceed to the next game even if they lose that current game.

Sound and Vision

A single-player game, Double Joker Poker usually features a playing area that resembles a slot machine as much as the controls do. Those developed by leading software providers boast HD graphics and ambient casino sounds that accompany the game as it unfolds.

The great game interfaces are easily navigable, thanks to clean layouts and clearly-marked buttons. To top it off, the playing action is smooth.